Learning Plan

The Learning Plan defines an RMT's goals and objectives for continuing professional development.

Learning Plan: Development (Year 1)

Supported by the outcomes of the Self-Assessment, RMTs are required to develop a Learning Plan that includes a minimum of two professional learning goals which link to at least one of the 15 Career-Span Competencies.

While development of a Learning Plan is a requirement for Year 1, achievement of identified goals occur within the following 24 months through engagement in a minimum of two learning activities to support completion of each professional learning goal.

Learning goals and activities must be submitted between September and November 30.

Learning Plan: Interim Progress Report (Year 2)

During Year 2, RMTs reflect on steps taken over approximately the past twelve months to achieve professional learning goals established in Year 1.

Remaining mindful of commitments made to enhance performance improvements, RMTs must submit an Interim Progress Report that provides a status update on engagement in continuing professional development activities to fulfill established learning goals.

Submission of the Interim Progress Report is required between September and November 30.

Learning Plan: Wrap Up

Confirmed completion of the Learning Plan developed in Year 1, will be required prior to establishing new professional learning goals for the next reporting cycle.

All Learning Plan requirements may be selected for audit or review, at any time by a CMTO representative.